Sunday, March 22, 2020

Please Stay Home

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We all are in this together. The whole world stays united today because of the "Corona Pandemic". It is ironical but it took a Virus to make us slow down, breathe for a while and value the little things. Now all we can do is fight this thing, pray for all those affected and support all those who are still working to help others. 

As responsible citizens we must all play our part and it is high time that we realize that things are not normal anymore. It breaks my heart to see people who are still continuing with their daily activities like Yoga, Other Classes, Community Matches, Vacations, Evening Chit-chats and such. All these can wait. 

This is a Humble Request to ALL the "Supermen & Superwomen" out there who think that they can still do anything they want and Corona can’t touch them. Well we envy you what else can we say. But we are not as lucky as you, we are vulnerable and  have family members who are high risk & all of us wish to stay “Corona Free”. So we beg you to please follow the guidelines given by the government and “stay inside your home” that is what Social Distancing & lock down means. You might not get it but you can still pass it on to us. Stop going out for pleasure, Stop unnecessary gatherings however small they may be. We all know that one can be symptom free for many days, please don't repeat the mistakes of others we can learn from what has happened and prevent it from happening again. Please don't pretend that it "not you problem" because it is.

🙏🏼  Please Listen 🙏🏼

Each and everyone of us must do our part and follow social distancing that's the least we all can do. Stay indoors unless it is very urgent, enjoy your time with your Family. Let us all slow down and be thankful and grateful for all the little things that we are blessed with. Many have suffered and lost their loved ones.

Please Stay Home & Stay Safe.

Let's fight this together.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Dreaming of a Blue Bedroom?....Decorbug Thursdays

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Blue  Hues...

Give quick makeover of your bedroom with the Calming Blue Hues. Blue is indeed a perfect color choice for the bedroom, with its refreshing and tranquil effect. Combine various tones of blue to get this look. 

The Embellishments...

The painting with the empty walkway gives a perfect touch of beautiful silence. Air purifying Sansevieria plant is a great addition for a more sound sleep, adding some fresh flowers is good idea too. Blue starry sheer curtains give privacy without blocking the daylight, however you can also add a layer of solid night curtains for more privacy. 

Warm Lights...

Add a pretty lamp and some tea light candles of your choice. Warm lights tend to relax and prepare for a good rest which is a good choice for the bedroom


A runner rug is a great way to add more comfort and coziness. An Arm Chair with a cozy decorative cushion is a perfect touch if u have some extra space. Always choose comfy and soft fabrics like cotton for bed linen, adding in layers of cushions and pillows give that luxurious touch to a otherwise boring bed. 

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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Tea Light Holder Valentine's Day - Make it Monday

Heyy All,

I know I have been on MIA a lot!.....But hopefully that will now change :)

So here is lovely and easy-peasy Valentine's day DIY Decor for you all, and it also recycles/upcycles old glass bottles and turns them into cute little decorative pieces!


  • Scissors
  • Baby Food Jars Or Small Glass Bottles
  • Card Stock Paper- Pink /Red or as per your Choice
  • Mini Heart Punch
  • White Glue
  • Baker's Twine/Yarn/ Jute Twine
  • Tealights 

Cut the Card stock into a strip, Punch the hearts and make a paper lace

Once done measure and cut the paper lace and glue it at the bottom of the Jar

Place glue dots on the jar and stick on the punched hearts, you can do a pattern or just stick them randomly

Lastly tie the twine, if you don't have bakers twine you can use any other twine or simply some yarn would also work

Do the more jars in the same way using different color. That's it guys you are done, hope you enjoyed this cute DIY as much as I did!